"PATEX"  - 100% Natural Latex Foam Bedding -The Best of Nature for Sleep.

Dear customer welcome to our website.

On our website you can get the detailed and accurate information about the process of foaming latex and the useful features of our products. You can also learn more about our production and of course about the item you are going to purchase. All the website information sections are provided with videos that can explain to you benefits of our products. Our store is not just an online store,tthis is a real existing production facility and a shop which is located on Phuket island in the Kingdom of Thailand.

You are welcome to visit us from 09:30 to 18:30 and buy the same items that you can find on our online catalog. In your presence we will make the mattress with the size and shape that you might desire.  

The quality of our products is flawless because unlike many of the manufacturers, we do not use synthetic styrene or butadiene latex in the manufacturing process.


Our products are made of 100% natural latex foam, only the highest quality and the lowest prices.